The sufi tariqah of Deobandis pass through Haji Imdadullah makki (rh) . All the top deobandi ‘akabirs” like  Rashd Gangohee ,  Thavee etc were disciples of Haji Imdadullah makki(rh).

Ismaeel dehalvee was a disciple( mureed) of sayeed Barewlwi , whose holy act of destroying muslim grave has been mentioned earlier.

As per Ismaeel dehalvee the soul (ruh) of Sayeedina Abdul Qadir gilani (rd) and the soul of Khawja Bahuddin Naqshband (rd) fought for 1 month over the issue as to who want to have pride in giving teachigs to sayeed barelwi.

Haji Imdadullah Muhajir makki( rh) says in Sahamaile Imdadiyah :


Haji Imaddullah makki (rh) is here doing ” khatm ” of Mathanvi of Imam Jalaluddin rumi (rh) and deobandis have objection on doing “quran khawni’!

He continues
” why do others object when people stand during mawlid when the name of prophet ( sal allahu alaihi wa sallam ) is mentioned? People stand in respect when they have a visitor , so what is the problem when people stand after hearing the name of prophet ( sal allahu alaihi wa sallam) during mawlid?


Abdullah Sabri Chisti

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