Kissing Thumbs; Deobandi Fabrication 

A Deobandi said 

“Allmah Suyuti [rahmatullah alayh] states:

الاحاديث التى رويت فى تقبيل الانامل وجعلها على العينين عند سمع اسمه صلى اللّه عليه وسلم

عن الؤذن فى كلمة الشهادة كلها موضوعات
“Those Ahadith which have been narrated regarding kissing the fingers and rubbing them on the eyes during the Athan when hearing the blessed name [sallallahu alaihi wasallam], are all maudoo [fabricated]’”

[Tayserul Maqaal Al-Suyuti, page 123—1973 edition]
The fabricated reference to Imam Suyuti was given by A deobandi from India , many decades back and it has been used since.. The sunni scholars caught that reference from a non existing book of Imam Suyuti long back and deobandis were made to run when just asked to show that book. The book does not exist and this is an example of another fabrication by Deobandis where thet fabricate a book , then fabricate a quote from that non existing book! Everyhting which is not sahih does not become mawdu by default. This is what Imam Sakhawi (rh) said

 uses the word" la sahih" which does not mean , mawdu. Imam of deobandi , Mawalan Nawyeli who said that this hadith is mawdu and he attributed to reference to imam suyuti. Mawlana Mohammed Hussein Nelwee al deobandi ( Sargodha, Punjab , Pakistan ) , student of Hussein ali ( 1283- 1326 , author of Tafseer bulghutul hairaan) writes in his book “ Khairul kalaam fee takbeelal abhaam

“ Hazrat Imam Sakhawi has called this hadith as Fabricated “.

( Truth. This is another deobandi lie to call this hadith as mawdu. Imam Sakhawi did not call this hadith as “ mawdu”. This was a brain child of deobandi scholar)

Same Deobandi scholar continues and writes

“ Famous Muhaddith Hazrat Hataab (rh ) has also called this hadith as “ mawdu”.

( Another lie by deobandi scholar. Imam al Hattab ( rh) ( died 954 AH) in his work Mawahabul jaleel sharah mukhtasar khaleel fi furu al fiqh maliki says “ LA SAHIH” ) Mawlana Abul Qasim rafeeq dilawari ( died 1960 CE, student of Mawalana Hussein deobandi) writes in his book “ umaduddeen” that to do this action is a biddah. All the hadith on this topic are fabricated “

Mawalan safadr al deobandi says” if these people have so much love with the name of prophet , then they should kiss the mouth of the muezzin who is proclaiming adhan…… “

Mawlana Safadr al deobandi then gives the same fabricated reference and says” Imam Suyuti has called all the hadith on the topic of kissing thumbs as mawdu “

( Rahe sunnat , by mawlana Safdar , page 242-243) The first person to ascribe a lie towards Imam suyuti (rd ) was Mawalan Basheruddin qanawji ( died 1234 AH) . This man wrote a book “ basaratul aynayn” and in that he mentioned a book of Imam Suyuti with the name “ Taysarul Maqaal”. He then fabricated a statement and attributed it to the “ non existing” book of Imam Suyuti (rh)

Mawlana Nazeer Hussein Dehalvee ( the wahabi leader in India) uses the same non existing reference and says that Imam Suyuti called this hadith as Mawdu ( Fatwa Nazeeriya )

Mulla Ali Qari (rh) writes in his Maudhuate Kabir

" when the rafaa'a (ascent) is proved upto Hazrat Siddiq Akbar rd then it is sufficient for practice since the holy prophet ( sal allahu alaihi wa sallam ) has said that this is essential for you to practice my sunnah and that of my honourable rightous caliphs as well".

Allama Tahtawi writes
" And such type of Hadiths are practiced upon in regard to " Fazail".
( Tahtavi - Alal Miraqi, Istanbul , page 111)

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